Big Splashes of Red.

Hello there! I’m Jenn and I’m a writer with Arcadian Home Decor, a website and blog that profiles top home decor trends. My first job out of university was managing an interior design magazine, and since then I’ve been addicted to Jonathan Adler, antiques, and anything with loads of colour, like big splashes of red. I spend my mornings poring over inspiring and creative websites, and a must-hit is Helen Roden’s Interior Design Blog. I feel privileged to be guest posting here today, so thank you Helen!

A major dose of colour can completely transform a room, from kitchens to dens and everything in-between. Dramatic, fun, and elegant all at once, big splashes of red infuse a space with liveliness. While many shy away from this daring hue, used in the right context it’s oh-so-fashionably chic. Here are eight rooms that incorporate big splashes of red in its home decor.

Candy Stripes Are Sweet

Red Rooms

Red and white stripes are the perfect way to jazz up a child’s bedroom designed for two. The built-in furniture helps keep the space from feeling too busy.

Rouge a la Cuisinere

Red Rooms

Big splashes of red work well in a kitchen that is complemented with stainless steel and various shades of grey, as seen here in the flooring and counter tops.

Modern Marvel

Red Rooms

A minimalist bedroom with plenty of light wood tones gets a blast of red from the area rug, random pieces of furniture, and portions of the bedding. All these pieces in a matching shade of red, along with two singular blooms, provide just enough colour to keep this space from feeling too drab.

Fit For a Posh Princess

Red Rooms

Greens, yellows, and whites are lovely for a little girl’s bedroom, but this look goes from ordinary to extraordinary with big splashes of red. The tufted built-in nook of the armoire is a cute touch.

A Traditional Favourite

Red Rooms

Fire engine red wood cabinets are more warm than they are over-the-top, giving this utilitarian space a tad of whimsy against a functional grey backdrop.

Mod Materials

Red Rooms

Red leather as well as a high-gloss buffet topped with glass becomes a contemporary match made in stylish heaven. The black and white wall art gives centre stage to the bold hue.

A Dramatic Pair

Red Rooms

Red covers every surface of this spacious bathroom, from the textured wallpaper to the ceiling, with a painted black wood floor to keep the colour from feeling too overwhelming. The circular tub is also a spectacular feature of this room.

Candy Cane Charm

Red Rooms

A regal bed swathed in lovely red and white candy cane stripes is piled high with pillows and draped in a stately canopy. The natural table decorations and light fixtures keep things from looking too playful.

Red truly makes a bold statement on your interior designed space. What do you think the post? Comments are welcome! Also don’t forget to check out Arcadian Home Decor for some home accessories that make a statement in your home!.

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Designer Furniture

I wanted to share a recent find with you, Tim Rinaldi is a UK based furniture designer who makes up his designs using traditional cabinet making techniques and modern methods of construction.

He works mainly with wood using a variety of timbers and timber products, as well as some modern materials, to create bespoke handmade furniture that will be appreciated for many years to come.

The sideboard featured below is a speculative piece that Tim made earlier this year and is for sale, if you are interested in this piece or want to talk to Tim about commissioning a piece then contact him via his website at

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On My Christmas Wish List

If Santa is signed up to my blog please could he bring me this Glass Blob Lamp in Ruby from Porta Romana for Christmas.

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The Snug

Have a look at the before and after pictures to see the transformation from an un-loved, un-used area adjacent to the clients kitchen which was transformed into a warm, cosy snug that is now used daily after work as a place to enjoy a cup of tea and catch up on the days news.

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A professional place to work

Here are some photos of a recent project that I completed for a client who wanted to create a professional yet comfortable room at home to be used for  clients who are coming for a massage or attending a 1 to 1 coaching session. The massage couch folds up when not in use to give more room for the comfortable chairs. There is soft lighting from the globe table lamp as well as down lighters to enable her to create the right atmosphere depending on what the room is being used for.

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Inspired by Nature

You’ll know by now that I love colour. I see great examples of natural colour everday that inspire me with my interior design work. I have shared 3 of my photos that I took recently and  a few items to inspire you to use the same colours in your next project.

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contemporary design with traditional features

Here are some photos showing just how well contemporary design and furnishings look right at home alongside traditional features and pieces of furniture. Don’t be scared to mix and match old with new it really can work.

Too scared to have a go at a bold design then its worth getting help from an interior designer who can advise and guide to ensure you get the look and feel you want. for more.

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Hi there. I couldn’t resist getting a few shots of the fantastic rapeseed fields that are everywhere at the moment in Somerset. I find them really inspiring, the colour is so vibrant and refreshing. Yellow is a great colour to use in your home, whether it be on the walls, or as window dressing, or a statement piece of furniture or just as an accent colur in a lamp. Here are a few yellow things to give you some ideas. Enjoy.

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Farrow and Ball

Here is some inspiration for your next re-decoration project. All from Farrow and Ball, the paint colours are from the new 2011 collection. Check out the full range on their official web site.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Today and every day I am loving red sofas and chairs. Brighten up your interior, make a statement!

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Ideas and Inspiration- Sample Boards

If you need ideas and inspiration then spending a little bit of money on some professional help for your re-decoration is a sure way of achieving the look and feel you want for your room and avoiding costly mistakes. Here are some examples of sample boards I completed recently. Contact me if you’d like to find out more about the ideas and inspiration service I offer at

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Red and Purple and Pink

Be brave and use a bright colour next time you are re-designing a room. Just 1 wall painted in a contrasting, bright colour can change the whole way a room looks and feels.

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DeClutter and reclaim some space

Now is the time to declutter, xmas is over and there is nothing to do in the garden, so take a look at the spare room and reclaim it for a study/home-office, guest room, play room  or hobbie room. Here are some before and after photos of a recent project I completed.

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Great Fabrics from Liberty

Liberty have a huge range of fantastic fabrics, it was difficult but I have picked out 4 to share. Enjoy.

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Now is the time to bring in some colour

Trends this year are for colour, forget subtle and think big and bold, stripes, pattern and spots and make it work.

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whacky but great

All this can be found in the window of Squint, based in Shoreditch in London and there is more inside. Combining traditional furniture design with conetmporary fabrics. I am loving it, check out their website gallery for more.

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More Great Wallpaper

MissPrint are a mother and daughter duo  who make wall coverings, fabrics and interior accessories. The Cotton Tree wallpaper, which I have shown in 3 colour ways, but comes in more, is from their latest collection.  The paper products used promote the sustainable management of forests. So you get a great look and help the environment.

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Today and every day I am loving….

I am just in love with this wallpaper, its called Silhouette and is from Harlequins Boutique collection. These are my 2 favourite although their are other colour ways. This would look great anywhere.


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Great design

The coin lamp by Jethro Macey caught my eye this weekend, so I checked out his web site and found amongst other products the stool which is so versatile it would work in so many rooms.

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Chairs, chairs, chairs

Today I am loving these chairs. I just can’t decide which ones would look best in my kitchen!

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