Now is the time to bring in some colour

Trends this year are for colour, forget subtle and think big and bold, stripes, pattern and spots and make it work.


About helenroden

An interior designer, inspired by nature. I think in colours, textures and words
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2 Responses to Now is the time to bring in some colour

  1. Andrea says:

    I love your use of splashes of statement colors and the influences from your garden and nature around you. It’s so much fun to simply alter a few elements and get a whole new look. Because paint and simple pillows are so cheap compared to the bigger items in rooms I like to change up my walls colors every couple of years just to get a whole new feel in a room.
    P.S. If you know the name of the blue spikey flower in your first photo, I wish you could let me know. I have half a dozen of them in my flower beds and everyone keeps wanting to know the name of them.

  2. helenroden says:

    thanks for your comments. I am no expert but I believe the flower is a corn flower, they do spread everywhere if allowed to!

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